Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Too Fat For Fashion

Maybe it's the panic for the deadlines, the excitement from multi-tasking, or for the sake of alcohol or caffine I've been trying to drag out of my life...

I think I have an eating problem. Not a big one, well, not the biggest. I've always have this eating disorder kinda issue when it comes to emotion crashing down. I mean, who doesnt?

That's one thing I don't like about Hong Kong, it's just too narrow for big Ar*es! Really, the only thing people, well especially women, that including me, think about is to tucking their,well in that case ,my bellies into that tiny waisted skinny jeans. Thank god we dont think about the liquidation of any companies, banks, whatsoever, not untill it's called LMVS co. kinda stuff...

So, it all crashed when my friends routine joke, it's perfectly normal, you know, teasing you a bit, nobody cares. But I just cant take it......and I ran away. WTF is wrong with me...... Mon amies, pls forgive me.Since when, anorexia becomes NORMAL? I aint gonna eat baby food like Karl to fit in Simone's jeans!!!! It's tainted anyways.

That must be the huge drawback of too much champaigne they prescribed me over the last weekend.....

Well, this may sound familiar, ship me to a place where anything bigger than minus size 0 is not considered FAT.

I'm really gonna started writing about that chicken-brained-actor's profile and that writer, what's his name again, her???? and the other lady and the other guy....... Finger crossed.

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