Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stocking Up On Tones


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Now I'm really pissed. happening quite frequently recently....It's the 3rd time straight when I'm headhunting for Gorgeous Stockings, the sales told me they were out of stock for quite a long time.....

Tsumori Chisato I've never been a fans of their, flowery fantasy patterns before, but look at this blue shade, it's a grown up version of Alice of the Wonderland this season. However the sales lady told me I have to pay for all four colors of the tights in advance if I want to put my name on the wait list....

Two Adidas by Stella Mccartney short leg warmers.

Chanel's two tone tights + lace tights.

American Apparel Pantyhose.

My favorite brand is Japan's Relish. Got a pair of metalic black legging frm Pedder Red, HK$175 only!!! And four pairs of color stockings from City Super, HK$55 each. Earthy, subtle color!!! Quite a bargain~ I got this one pair of dark red and wore it whole winter last year~

The shimmering is a bit annoying but still acceptable. Remembered I spot Kay Tse at this event with metalic black legging with gold wedges. Kills~



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