Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nothing has ever changed


I’m pretty sure  I’m gonna write something, that I’m most likely going to regret in the next say ten hours. But can’t help after-2 am ranting. Stupid, meaningless whining about…erh…nothing actually.

I have been working on this film story for the past couple of hours, and been repeating this oldie song Nothing’s gonna change my love for  you for the whole time which has been keeping me awake. Warm.

Brain dead…bed time…

Oh, the film that I’ve been telling everyone how funny and lovely and worth-watching.

And yeah, talking to some Japanese designer tomolo… Nigo, the Bape guy, ring a bell…

I think his clothes is STUPID…for rich/no brainer fashion victims. What’s cool bout baggy jeans, sports hoodies, coloured sneakers exactliii? Maybe a good ice breaker for tomorrow.


Nigo (Last ORGY 2)

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