Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lady Gaga’s white Birkin…

Hell, why would she care- slashing her own Birkin with “I love little monster! Tokyo”…

Terence Koh managed to fill the rest of her prestin white Birkin with more Japanese words.

lady-gaga-birkin-bag-fashion-450x702gaga-koh-birkinp p2lady-gaga-terence-koh-birkin 

And the fan copy cat, I very much appreciate the efforts!! And…it actually looks pretty good… @laucious blog


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Can’t stop looking at these  lovely bracelets made of vintage watch straps by local crafty girl a*for. Have been following her stuff since the crafts market a while ago. Among her cute brooches and headpieces, love these simple yet edgy accessories most.

a*for works as a script writer for TV soaps but at her leisure times, she enjoys making stuff, every little piece counts. All handmade, get connected with her on facebook or her own blog.



online shop


s2 s3  sim1 s4 25706_373958333001_239399058001_3655467_4180739_n 13311_370715398001_239399058001_3601356_7969379_n

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tata Baby Bag


Finally got my Tata baby bag, soooo happy~~~~



1225860043 1225860044 1225882419




Tata Baby

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Time to tie it up

Shot at the Joyce dressing room the other day, pairing an Alexander Wang T with Toga’s awesome sculpture skirt. It looked massive hanging on the rack, but when I try it on, it clings elegantly around the waist and yes, without saying much, it’s edgy and cool. Wish I can afford this piece, but it comes at HK$7,000 ish. So I’m saving, saving, saving now…

Finally walked out the store with a Wang T dress. Will post later.



Alexander Wang T

Toga skirt

Working day

Excuse my cats toys…that Cheese is actually Carlcarl’s bed, lol. Love this A.P.C denim dress, perfect for dress down and kinda appropriate for work I guess. Yeah, was thinking spice it up with some print scarf. Just like the boyish side of the piece.


A.P.C drop waist denim dress

YSL bag

Emma Pei and Ji Lili

I don’t know why I’ve run into Emma Pei for like three or four times including one brief interview. She looks glamorous at all those events but in real life…OMG…

I saw her once shopping Chanel in HK airport another time shopping in CWB…both time wearing no make up and YES, you can never never ever read SUPER MODEL…

Any way the two most sought after mainland models Emma Pei and Ji Lili in town for IFC’s summer fashion campaign.

 ifc mall - ifc Style Guide 2010_Ji LiLi in the seasonal hotpickep

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Teenagers in Town!



Queen Elizabeth Stadium on June 5th

Military Spirit: SLY, MOUSSY SS10

My bf was watching The Pacific, HBO’s new miniseries, obviously dead bodies with visible intestine exposed are a bit over my before sleep tv soap standards. So while I was pretend watching, I checked out these lovely babies, just got in from DMop today, Japanese brand SLY, Moussy, Black by Moussy for SS 2010.

As always, I often go there for party outfits, very Harujuku/Ginza style after midnight, if u know wut I mean. Like the shoes, accessories most. The T-shirts were a bit of rip-off.

Lurve this Napoleon Vest @ HK$990, goes perfect with some skinny jeans!


SLY Napoleon Vest_HK$990

SLY One Button Tailored Jacket_HK$790 

moussy Leather Buckle Belt_HK$890 SLY Border Metal Chain Bag_HK$990

BLACK by moussy Belt-Strap Boot_HK$1,890 BLACK by moussy Strappy Open-Toe Ankle Boot_HK$1,690

American Apparel At Last

I missed last Friday’s AA pop store launch in Lane Crawford, too bad, heard it was one of those fashion openings where people actually buy stuff. Oh yeah, those women were like…crazy…<—according to a male frd who actually went. Aha, can totally understand, AA’s finally coming to HK, well not exactly, it really should, it probably will, even just for a limited period of time.

I sometimes not understand, why AA? You know if you are not a fair trade/labor fanatic, fashion is pretty notorious for its irresponsibility in both areas anyway, why AA. Right, fashion with conscience, rich peoples BS.

I remembered seeing this pair a la a lovely editor I went on a trip with earlier and she paired it with the slip-toe Margiela bootie, the next day with over size T and a pair of baby pink repetto flats. Perfect demonstration for dress up and down. The only problem with this pair is that it crinkles a bit, because of the zips. Still dunno how to fix it, let me know if you have any idea.

So finally, after going out empty handed after trips down to the AA shops in Beijing and Shanghai, finally some AA for me.




Christopher Kane T

AA legging

Camper bootie

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pink Shoes

I was getting my daily dose of shoe fetish from Jane’s Sea of Shoes when I remembered this pair of Giuseppe Zanotti pumps, so very nude pink. I’ve kept in the front shelves for ages…because they are awful hard to walk in… Must blog about this Givenchy pair, it’s just KILLING!!!!! Pain to look at!!!! 





Wild Cat in Shopping Bag


Carlcarl lurves BAGs, especially the shopping bags and shoe boxes~~ He really understands women!!!


Spring is here

Ok It’s a love at first sight with this Zucca shirt. The feminine ruffles are given some edgy twist here, almost look like the ribcage, lol. Yes, it’s now officially my “rib-cage” shirt. A bit see through, but will work fine with some nude coloured corset I found from SLY, didn’t buy coz I know I’d only wear it for no more than once…albeit it’s very cute and affordable @HK $650.

Here comes the shorts from A.P.C, again very simple but the cutting is just tres Parisian. It’s gonna be widely integrated to my whole summer wardrobe!

Got this pair of pink wedges from Moschino last year and have been wearing them with everything, everything. Uber versatile though in baby pink.  


Zucca Shirt

A.P.C shorts

Moschino Cheap & Chic

Holiday Mood

Just back from a sweet holiday from this MASSIVE resort in Shenzhen called the Interlaken. Gotta try again. Was raining this morning, major bummer.
In love with this baby pink silk dress from Isabel Marant. Perfect pastel colours for the spring-summer, also love the casual details, the sailor knots on the front. They also have it in charcoal grey and kahki, I think.
The mini YSL downtown is really a money-worth investment, it goes with everything, this black patent leather one. I attached a gold strap (from another freebie-a leather pattern clutch from pedder red) for some dress down chic.
These Repetto flats are my everyday shoes, got from Milano, half priced!!
Both T-shirt dress and Silk dress from Isabel Marant
Repetto flats
YSL bag
IMG_0358 <---Massive bath tub!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lost and Found: the Isabel Marant necklace

So I was this close to have lost it you know. Super tiny close when I was trying on an Acne T-shirt in the I.T. on Paterson street at 10.30 ish, at night of coz, when they were about to c lose down. When I called this morning, they managed to find my Isabel Marant necklace, and I was like, ng kwoi (in Canto-means thank u thank u thanku) for like a million times!!!!!! It totally deserves a post!




Tshirt and Tshirt


Christopher Kane T-shirt Doll Face Black

Isabel Marant Shorts

A.P.C sandals

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