Monday, November 24, 2008

OnPedder Kansas Project





J'adore the McQueen Chinese inspired red sequin shoes! and the Jimmy Choo.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shoes on Wheel



pinkwheel silverpad



Phew, can't believe I really ignored the application deadline for school dorm, and actually start having a place of my own, yeah yeah, for the next few weeks I'm gonna be eyeing fancy little furnitures all around, wahahaa, just got this in, cute huh? It claims I can trust my Loubs with it.........figure crosses....

Available in Hong Kong: G.O.D

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mus-ive dress: Maggie wears Fur


Celebrities at the 'Moma' gala fundraising tribute to honor director Baz Luhrmann Celebrities at the 'Moma' gala fundraising tribute to honor director Baz Luhrmann

Isn't she gorgeous? Though I love her most in Secretary, she was more than a beauty vase in Batman also~ Just thought she was a vegan....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I love your time, I don't like your time, just the way you fold'em- Erwin Wurm




I've got this growing suspicion about what is real art, what is fashion, what is not and what is not. So when I got Erwin's I love my time, I don't like my time, the paranoia stuck me even more. I may have no  idea what this Vienna-base conceptualist was trying to do, it's a love at first sight. Very much intriguing, fashion-wise, is his Dress Collection. Reminds me of the non-wearable-high-conceptual-MMM. It's not alone the fabric and structure of a garment that counts, the way being worn, the way being folded, shipped and appreciated. 

DeJaVu: Polka dots love



Yeah, I'm getting tired of myself indulging in the polka dots pattern of the CDG H&M line, which I didnt go line up for the chaos. One funny thing I dug up, from my favorite shelf at school library, a Balenciaga book, was this Pillbox hat draped with pink and black dotted silk scarf by Balenciaga in 1960. Just how similar between these, half a century ago, bet there hadnt been as many queued up for B's haute couture.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mus-ive Dress: Anna Karina



2hn5euh 42-18062844  42-1673200534fe8sn karina261826-004-7123FB6E  sadAnna1  sadAnna2

Ok, I'm gonna start this, finding inspirations from the timeless fashion icons. So I was told to watch 50+ french films can help healing from bad relationships....not sure if I can ever make it 50+, yet, I was quite sure, I fell in love again, with Anna Karina, in Jean Luc Godard's Une Femme Est Une Femme et Le Petit Soldat-which is a black and white in the '50s. Agnes b got a line inspired by Anna, and here I go, it's my twisting dress wardrobe, episode one this week. I'll put up the photos first and see what I can do over the week. Go, tres chic!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Kate Moss in Lane Crawford



Kate Moss and Topshop Lane Crawford Hong kONG on 11.11, Universal Singleton's day, Nov 11th. At least we got Kate.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Party is over


Belvedere  0267 - Ana R[1]., Daniel Wu and Lisa S.


I know this is so very very very last week. But Daniel is simply too Geek to be missed out at the Dead not Alive Party. With Lisa and Ana.

Over the rainbow-Fred Butler


截图02 截图00 截图01

Who: Fred Butler

What she does: London-based Stylist and Accessory Designer

How she rocks: Hand-made art pieces for body, signature rainbow colours, storybook animals and geometric shapes.

Love Her: Simply too cool for school colors, shapes and patterns. Twists and repetitions, exquisite details, funny and vibrant. Makes you smile~

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Chocolate Rush: Royce Kokutoh




I know it's usually considered a sin even talking about Chocolate in a fashion world....A sweet and killing one that I'm aware, especially after I consumed a whole box of See's last week and peaked my weight range over the past 21 years....

But this is Japanese chocolate: made of Kokutoh, Black Sugar, in a plain translation...less sugar, relatively speaking and really adds up to the smoothness and aroma. And most importantly, these come in tres slim slices.

FYI, that I'm not behind the selling of Royce, but simply a fan. And in celebrating their 25th anniversary, launched plenty of limited chocos!!!!

City super holds Royce in Hong Kong. Their eshops click here.

The Chanel Money Squeezer



eRH....I've been craving for my one and first 2.55 for months...aCtually I've been craving for a Chanel purse for months regardless of the size or styles....yeah....that's quite a slave's statement. Untill, I saw this....their newly launched label Chanel Unlimited/ bags and accessories.

Here's how they describe The Bag:

"glossy grey canvas material embossed with the words "Paris", "31, rue Cambon" "Coco" and "Chanel", which come repeated like the ultimate fashion mantra on both the inside and outside of each piece."

I however especially prop Hayley Phelan's description on: LeSportsac with Chanel price tags. LOL.

But still, spread the words out, for good or for bag~

Post-Halloween-sales: CK / DKNY



dkny sale

Sale and Buy! That's what they say one day after Halloween.

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