Saturday, December 18, 2010

Metallic and Denim

Two styles I'd never see myself safely pull them off are both in the SS 11 Chloe lookbook. As much as I love their subtle elegance and sweet pastle metallic colours. These are not easy to get away with. And the fullon denim dress....Unless I'm going to a theme party travelling time back to the's hardly a summery wardrobe choice. Before figuring out how to work them in real way, my credit cards are safe.

The Lane Crawford Sale

Ok, there're benefits befriend with your favourite shop's salesladies. Ok, it can be a double blade sword, giving that she'd keep an eye on you every time you walk into her radius of potential shopping power.
I have my girls in LC, and who nicely reserved this pair of flirty Loubi for me, one day before the vip sale begin, lalala....Another sweet, flirty Xmas gift for myself. I don't really celebrate Xmas though, I celebrate life~~~

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Party Dress

Ok, there's only two reasons that can wake me up before ten on a Saturday- A Colin Firth film screening and a Sample Sale. In this case, the latter....

And in the piles of cheap T-shirts I found this precious baby, the Sass & Bide "Beyonce" dress. I suddenly started this obsession of party dress shopping, well it is party season indeed. First a pretty Phillip Lim SS 11 petal dress, which I totally almost bought when tipsy at the Lane Crawford party, tried on twice later on, still living it. And the next day, tried on a fancy studded orange dress at Liger, which I missed a zero at the very end on the price tag...

And today, this S&B at an amazing sample sale, 80% off. Lalala, I'm happy happy girl. Here's how runway and Beyonce rocks it....and real way with Isabel Marant suede pumps.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Harry does it again

I seriously don't even wanna rant about it...I mean it was totally my idea to drag myself into the theatre to see the new Harry Potter. Oh well, those Emma Watson Vogue cover did the magic.
Allors, this film is way way way too dark, too sophisticated, too racy for children....Maybe that was the exact definition of what children of this age's been watching....
It totally gets my eyes rolling when Harry stripped off to his briefs and jumped into the icy icy dark hole of water....Geez, what am I thinking....I ain't imply anything more than an freezing ice water hole....
Non the less, what's the matter with HP. I get it, it's been five or six episodes and he derserves to be loved, this poor innocent boy with evil blood in his veins is totally mother care deprived....hence the intimate dance with Hermione (the still teenage version of Emma that is) and in Ron's hallucination all the makeout....that's just....outrageous......They trying to make another Lord of Rings or what, at least LOR has better looking and taller Elfs!!
Anyway, I'm glad that's gonna put an end to all of it, the kids are grown up, hairs been cut short, time to move on. I'll settle for Hermione grown-up version....pls pls no topless making out with's just wrong wrong wrong

Here's more how fans reacted click

Monday, December 13, 2010

And the Princess Wears

It must be great if you are marrying Prince William, I mean, he's like Prince Charming in real life. Or it can be a reality show goes really wrong. Now I couldn't decide.
So if Kate Middleton wears Vera Wang on her wedding, she's probably gonna be regarded as a national traitor, for not choosing a UK designer. So VW or Prince Charming. I guess most of us would hesitate, give it a real hard thought and jump right into the arms of Prince Charming. Here's to Bruce Oldfield, or Issa or the other royal tailors to be...

Earrings from Links, white Topez Hope, HK$3,880
The Bruce Oldfield wedding dresses


Ok, this is official now. I finally invested out on a MacBook Pro as a pre-Christmas gift. And so far, I've been enjoyed spending time with it, erh...guess it's good enough. So this venture would mean I'd finally be taking this blog thingy more least more frequent updates....just for the sake of enjoying the finger yoga out on these teeny cutie key boards. I will try very very very hard to keep my cat, whose name Cow, away from it. .....Ah....well....Meoooooooow
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