Thursday, September 25, 2008

Once Upon a Heel

One of my most intelligent bff, measured by her impressive IQ and SAT test scores, who got her first pair of high-heel from her college sweet heart, told me that the killing heels matter because of biological reasons.

"Once you are in heels, there will be more extra spaces in your legs and you hip looks cuter." Well, I didnt take it seriously and continued my happy and casual relationship with no-cheaper flats until this struck me.

I have to stand on my tip toes to lean in and kiss.....on the condition that my date has an altitute that is a bit beyond my expectation.

Then again, I didnt realize it until recently, because I've been stuck in Hong Kong for too long. Guys gel their hair so hard so that they can skyrocket in the air..erh...for maybe a inch or two. Well, face it. I love the city but dah....they are either too short or too mean.

So screw it any ways. Now I established my first rule about whatever you call it, I have to be comfortable around this someone in my favorite heels. Not maybe the killing pairs, but at least for the sweet mild ones.

Eyes fixed on a couple of fall sandals, ankle boots and UGG maybe.

Dan, now I start hate myself. But once upon a heel, I can just live alone happily ever after.


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