Monday, September 29, 2008

You gotta read this if you've ever been stuck in Hong Kong for over 3 days




Well to celebrate their 750th issue, free HK magazine did this huge listing. 750 things to do in Hong Kong before you DIE.

Too cliche and too funny reading. Love listings, you just have no idea how hard it is to comply.

fyi: Shop A&F in HK



Just in case you've been crawling to find the casual wear brand in Hong Kong. Here's the place to hit. FYI


Midwest Co. Shop 58, G/F Victoria Centre, 15 Watson Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong

2802 6886

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Expensive No-Play




Well, I just wanna say, it's expensive for a reason. Expensive, that I can't afford it, as well the mass market. Then we wont see Rei's Comme des Garcons * H&M dress flooding the street like her Play line did in Hong Kong.

Stupid hearts, in red, green, black, since when a Purple heart can be a limited edition....



Performing Art: Luxury



Quoted from a press release I got weeks ago.


"Creating new records for “luxuriousness” MasterCard Luxury Week Hong Kong 2008 organisers recorded some stunning statistics over the five-day extravaganza:

Ø Over 6000 VIP guests attended MasterCard Luxury Week Hong Kong 2008 including 200 Celebrities and socialites who walked the red carpet.

Ø The models walked a collective distance of 38.5km along the catwalk

Ø 840 designer outfit changes were made by the models

Ø 630 pairs of luxury designer shoes and boots were used to strut down the runway

Ø Official make up sponsor Shu Uemura used 16 make up artists to apply 6 Dovarieties of false eye lashes totaling over 100 sets.

Ø Toni & Guy deployed 40 hair stylists to create 600 hair doos for the runway

Ø 1001 bottles of champagne were drunk by VIP guests to wash down the 3500 delicious canapés consumed

Ø Godiva Chocolatier served 13,000 pieces of chocolates and 4,000 tubs of ice cream.

Ø San Pellegrino served no less than 6000 bottles of water

Ø 80 volunteers were recruited to prepare over 6000 goody bags

Ø A total of over  HK$15 million worth of Tiffany jewellery was worn by MasterCard Fashion Ambassador Denise Keller"'s a myth if journalists really love numbers....




Brush cleaned, colors awake



This may sound stupid, but I found my new therapy now. Clean my makeup brushes.....

I got this set from Bobbi Brown maybe 10 months ago... And never washed them ever since. I realized I bought along their cleansing gel for the tools, yet it was just to kinky to use...reminds me of something else... erh....

I got this Shu Uemura bottle of Brush Cleaner, fluid, nice and clean... I spent like one whole afternoon playing with em....Geeee. I'm bored....

Falling for Hue



untitled untitled untitled


Told you I love the earthy tones for the fall. Erh, here I go, Navy Blue, Ver Douell, Violet,Fusain (clayish grey).

It's kinda inspiring on last issue's Non-no women. Ginger yellow * Ver Douell. Violet * Black Patent. So I play it my way in erh..sleeping shirt.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stocking Up On Tones


untitled 截图01截图02 截图04 截图05

截图06截图07  截图08



Now I'm really pissed. happening quite frequently recently....It's the 3rd time straight when I'm headhunting for Gorgeous Stockings, the sales told me they were out of stock for quite a long time.....

Tsumori Chisato I've never been a fans of their, flowery fantasy patterns before, but look at this blue shade, it's a grown up version of Alice of the Wonderland this season. However the sales lady told me I have to pay for all four colors of the tights in advance if I want to put my name on the wait list....

Two Adidas by Stella Mccartney short leg warmers.

Chanel's two tone tights + lace tights.

American Apparel Pantyhose.

My favorite brand is Japan's Relish. Got a pair of metalic black legging frm Pedder Red, HK$175 only!!! And four pairs of color stockings from City Super, HK$55 each. Earthy, subtle color!!! Quite a bargain~ I got this one pair of dark red and wore it whole winter last year~

The shimmering is a bit annoying but still acceptable. Remembered I spot Kay Tse at this event with metalic black legging with gold wedges. Kills~



Friday, September 26, 2008

Double Happiness

Straight couple photographer on this year's LaneCrawford Campaign.



Thursday, September 25, 2008

Once Upon a Heel

One of my most intelligent bff, measured by her impressive IQ and SAT test scores, who got her first pair of high-heel from her college sweet heart, told me that the killing heels matter because of biological reasons.

"Once you are in heels, there will be more extra spaces in your legs and you hip looks cuter." Well, I didnt take it seriously and continued my happy and casual relationship with no-cheaper flats until this struck me.

I have to stand on my tip toes to lean in and kiss.....on the condition that my date has an altitute that is a bit beyond my expectation.

Then again, I didnt realize it until recently, because I've been stuck in Hong Kong for too long. Guys gel their hair so hard so that they can skyrocket in the air..erh...for maybe a inch or two. Well, face it. I love the city but dah....they are either too short or too mean.

So screw it any ways. Now I established my first rule about whatever you call it, I have to be comfortable around this someone in my favorite heels. Not maybe the killing pairs, but at least for the sweet mild ones.

Eyes fixed on a couple of fall sandals, ankle boots and UGG maybe.

Dan, now I start hate myself. But once upon a heel, I can just live alone happily ever after.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Too Fat For Fashion

Maybe it's the panic for the deadlines, the excitement from multi-tasking, or for the sake of alcohol or caffine I've been trying to drag out of my life...

I think I have an eating problem. Not a big one, well, not the biggest. I've always have this eating disorder kinda issue when it comes to emotion crashing down. I mean, who doesnt?

That's one thing I don't like about Hong Kong, it's just too narrow for big Ar*es! Really, the only thing people, well especially women, that including me, think about is to tucking their,well in that case ,my bellies into that tiny waisted skinny jeans. Thank god we dont think about the liquidation of any companies, banks, whatsoever, not untill it's called LMVS co. kinda stuff...

So, it all crashed when my friends routine joke, it's perfectly normal, you know, teasing you a bit, nobody cares. But I just cant take it......and I ran away. WTF is wrong with me...... Mon amies, pls forgive me.Since when, anorexia becomes NORMAL? I aint gonna eat baby food like Karl to fit in Simone's jeans!!!! It's tainted anyways.

That must be the huge drawback of too much champaigne they prescribed me over the last weekend.....

Well, this may sound familiar, ship me to a place where anything bigger than minus size 0 is not considered FAT.

I'm really gonna started writing about that chicken-brained-actor's profile and that writer, what's his name again, her???? and the other lady and the other guy....... Finger crossed.
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