Wednesday, July 27, 2011

and here comes the diamond

So I'm posting this because I'm slated on a girl's night out and we have a theme about diamonds....
And I suppose everyone will be talking about the cuts and gradings.....I had eyes only on Elizabeth Taylor.
For some reason, she popped out instantly as I think about researching anything jewellery-related...I mean, she's made those rocks even more meaningful. And here goes my research results...
Obviously, she slept with noone else but her husband and her dear fifth husband Richard Burton was a generous man.
They even had a rock named after them- the 69.42 carat Taylor Burton diamond, D colour, flawless stone....It was first acquired by Harry Winston and auctioned in 1969 won by Cartier, for over a million USD. And then, there he was, Mr Burton just wouldn't take no for an answer and contacted the Cartier guy right after he went under the auction and acquired the rock...."regardless of how much it cost, just get it done with" on the condition that Cartier got to display it in its window display. That was 1969....
Taylor sold it in 1978, 9 years after she first wore it at Grace Kelly's 40th birthday, and divorced Burton....for US$5 million. Which she did get hold on to was the first diamond Burton gave her, a 33.19-carat asscher-cut Krupp Diamond, she still wore on Larry Kings in 2003....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rue Madame

Among all the shops I adore in HKG, Rue Madame is now topping my list of choices. It has like five points more than even LC or Joyce, the latter ones are simply not uber affordable. I've learned the trick to shop wisely through out all those years of retail therapy...yeah, learned it the hard way.
Rue Madame is like a Marais Paris in the midst of urban jungle HKG. Its Causeway Bay shop in the Lee Gardens is cutiesy and I can simply find everything I need at an affordable price.
The super Parisian chic labels including Maje, Sandro and IRO. One recent lovely find is American Vintage, they produce, the BEST luxe basic Ts I've ever found-forget pricey pricey Alexander Wang. And the designer was super nice as well when he came to Hong Kong for Madame's anniversary earlier this year.
The owner Ariane is simply tres chic and uber friendly...yeah, she's not paying me for this that's it before the fall-winter collection Madame's got me lust after, drooling over.....muahahahahha

American Vintage

Claudie Pierlot

Gat Rimon

Totally, completely digging these crispy sleek silouhette!! Go secretary go!


I can't believe the last time I blogged was that long time ago...and today I got inspired by a brilliant colleague who's kept her hiking blog for ages and posts stuff including the likes of insect intercourse. I mean, I wish I have something so passionate about. I've thought about starting over in tumblr or moving to a site that's not yet blocked on the mainland China...I tried and failed....
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