Sunday, September 28, 2008

Performing Art: Luxury



Quoted from a press release I got weeks ago.


"Creating new records for “luxuriousness” MasterCard Luxury Week Hong Kong 2008 organisers recorded some stunning statistics over the five-day extravaganza:

Ø Over 6000 VIP guests attended MasterCard Luxury Week Hong Kong 2008 including 200 Celebrities and socialites who walked the red carpet.

Ø The models walked a collective distance of 38.5km along the catwalk

Ø 840 designer outfit changes were made by the models

Ø 630 pairs of luxury designer shoes and boots were used to strut down the runway

Ø Official make up sponsor Shu Uemura used 16 make up artists to apply 6 Dovarieties of false eye lashes totaling over 100 sets.

Ø Toni & Guy deployed 40 hair stylists to create 600 hair doos for the runway

Ø 1001 bottles of champagne were drunk by VIP guests to wash down the 3500 delicious canapés consumed

Ø Godiva Chocolatier served 13,000 pieces of chocolates and 4,000 tubs of ice cream.

Ø San Pellegrino served no less than 6000 bottles of water

Ø 80 volunteers were recruited to prepare over 6000 goody bags

Ø A total of over  HK$15 million worth of Tiffany jewellery was worn by MasterCard Fashion Ambassador Denise Keller"'s a myth if journalists really love numbers....




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