Sunday, September 5, 2010

Head over toes

This is the time of the year, proper haircut comes before splendid pedicure, with them covered in wellingtons or soon booties, strictly ankle high.

So this is a selfish post that I’m totally gonna show it to my stylist…who blows hairdryer as if he’s getting other body part blowed as well- if you know him, you know this is not exaggerating…

I’m at this freaking shoulder length stage that nothing is right….argh….so it’s either edgy short or stick it to the annoying length, but more elegantly…

Balenciaga shorts

The Balenciaga look, maybe a bit too aggressive.


The Reed Krakoff is short, comfy at the same time feminine…one way or another…

Here goes with the likely shoulder lengths…





images Reed-Krakoff2 elisa sednaoui Carine Roitfeld in trench and TF sunglasses

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