Saturday, March 6, 2010

MMM sandals

Just can’t get these split-toe sandals out of my head- Uber comfy, I’m so gonna wear everyday!!!! So minimalist and playful, the only pair I love about this season…for now…

I’ve tried on the heeled one, doesn’t make my foot look fat, like what the cut-out sandals usually do. Just gracefully accentuate the lovely curve, walks crazily comfy. Only problem is the price, whether it’s worth investing HKD$5k…

是真的喜歡split-toe的設計,低調的玩味,慧眼識貨才能找到知音人的興奮,是很多MMM fan都有感觸地罷。上年見到了某時裝編輯的split-toe bootie就狂愛,所以看到今年的涼鞋以後,真的是忍不住試過了兩次。中環的Lane Crawford有平底版本,IT到處有高跟鞋的版本。唯一還是價錢,買不下手呢。



mmm sandals

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