Monday, March 8, 2010

The Minimalist-Pheobe Philo

Pheobe’s second collection for Celine, something totally not the Celine before, Parisian chic and the leather is the the catchy detail. Hmm…I’d probably go for the leather vest with navy blue A line skirt.

好喜歡好喜歡Pheobe Philo的Celine,以前有過一對Celine的涼鞋,淡淡的Violet色,但是好busy的感覺。好像這一季的秋冬,硬朗得來女人味十足,漸漸跳脫了Celine本來富態的氣質,而是巴黎風的簡約美麗。要挑的話果然還是皮質的貼身vest和海軍藍的一字裙,外加橙色的clutch bag, hmmm.


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