Saturday, March 6, 2010

IT bag, Kate or Alexa

Both crediting the fashion icons, edgy update of the classic designs, bombarding publicity exposure, launched almost same time, close match between Kate Moss for Longchamp vs Alexa Chung for Mulberry. Vote!

又想要買一個包包,爲什麽包包總是不夠-hopeless shopaholic. 本來也不是很喜歡Alexa Chung,覺得人也一般美,但是竟然還讓她紅到上Vogue封面,是it girl沒錯的。反而Mulberry的messenger袋子倒是愛了很久。Kate Moss for longchamp,差不多是在同時閒推出來的,兩個都是常青款式的升級版。是買老模還是口靚模的帳呢?


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cm3  cm2

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