Tuesday, April 13, 2010

American Apparel At Last

I missed last Friday’s AA pop store launch in Lane Crawford, too bad, heard it was one of those fashion openings where people actually buy stuff. Oh yeah, those women were like…crazy…<—according to a male frd who actually went. Aha, can totally understand, AA’s finally coming to HK, well not exactly, it really should, it probably will, even just for a limited period of time.

I sometimes not understand, why AA? You know if you are not a fair trade/labor fanatic, fashion is pretty notorious for its irresponsibility in both areas anyway, why AA. Right, fashion with conscience, rich peoples BS.

I remembered seeing this pair a la a lovely editor I went on a trip with earlier and she paired it with the slip-toe Margiela bootie, the next day with over size T and a pair of baby pink repetto flats. Perfect demonstration for dress up and down. The only problem with this pair is that it crinkles a bit, because of the zips. Still dunno how to fix it, let me know if you have any idea.

So finally, after going out empty handed after trips down to the AA shops in Beijing and Shanghai, finally some AA for me.




Christopher Kane T

AA legging

Camper bootie

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