Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fashion boy’s toy: Kouklitas by Andrew Yang

It’s hard not to be synical about guys making dolls but Andrew Yang is quite an exception. I didn’t realize its glamour and creapiness untill I saw his rag dolls, Kouklitas (greek word for dolls) for real at Central’s Joyce.

There are 47 of them, wrapped in the latest AW fashion. Amazing craftwork.

Andrew, in a skimpy vest, was so much more good looking than I’d imagined (though his skin is not exactly porcelain perfect), but still, he’s posing for the shooting with the dolls, as if he’s the prince living in his own fantasy, which he later said, was pretty true.

“You can’t necessarily wear Balmain down a stroll to the groceries but you can take the doll with you and have all sorts of fantasy with it…”

At the age of 25, he’s living his dream. Making dolls for the top fashion pros. He’s making a Anna Wintour doll as well as a similar collection with Barneys New York.

His eyes filled with slighted disturbed hesitation and slightly pretentious agony, you know, toxicated by the Japanese manga I can only anticipate. But still, it was  a great talk and the dolls, hope fads do become fashions.

I thank him for the interesting conversation as well, especially when he lower the vest and showed off his tattoo of his great grand mother, an inspiring actress in silent movies in the 20s. I almost wanted to ask where he got inked. 



Andrew Yang Portrait (1) JOYCE_Doll_Book_09




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