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Winds of September 九降风



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本來以爲,又是一部,臺灣青春片,新導演,曾志偉監製,我以爲林書宇是台版黃精甫。訪問止,我還是這樣的認爲。直到我看過電影,因爲人家堅持說是不同 藍色大門 或是 盛夏光年 的。


故事講 九個高中生,七男二女,交通意外,合法前的啤酒和煙,鎖起來的天台,臺灣職棒簽賭案。




他喜歡的 岩井俊二 , 有機會在東京影展遇到,因爲大家都要趕下場,原本以爲錯過了,卻又搭上同一部的Lift,於是像小Fans樣的要簽名合照。“那個是緣阿。”

他說,那個時候看完 沽嶺街少年殺人事件 以後覺得怎麽會有這樣的電影啊,怎麽一個電影會這樣子拍啊,這樣子不想讓他結束。

不停地播 張雨生 的 我期待,我開始期待,他的下一部,于此同時。

我老是耿耿於懷的,中學美工科上,老師播的 疑似 臺灣新浪潮 的戯,是不是叫作, 我們都是這樣長大的。


scmp extract: Sunday December 14 : Tom Lin

Vivian Chen

Tom Lin Shu-yu's feature-length directorial debut Winds of September is the first part of a trilogy produced by veteran Hong Kong filmmaker Eric Tsang Chi-wai. Filmed in the 32-year-old Taiwanese writer-director's hometown of Hsinchu, it portrays nine high school students' bitter-sweet adolescent lives.

What are the 'winds of September'?

My hometown Hsinchu is also called 'the wind city'. Strong winds from the China Sea blow across the city every September. For me, Hsinchu and the winds are inseparable and are connected to my teenage years. I always knew I was going to make a film about Hsinchu. I decided on the title even before I started writing the script in 2004. Youth is like the invisible and uncontrollable winds in Hsinchu, the soft and gentle breeze can become strong and harsh.

Is the story based on your own experiences at high school?

Edward Yang De-chang and Hou Hsiao-hsien, directors from the Taiwan New Wave, are great sources of inspiration - in terms of their spirit and ideology, rather than technique and visual styles. Both made films about their teenage lives. When I got the chance to make a film of my own, I wanted to tell a similar story - an updated version for my generation.

How is Winds of September different from other Taiwanese youth-oriented films?

Many of the others focus on romance, especially homosexual love as seen in Blue Gate Crossing and Eternal Summer. I think Winds of September is more ambitious in the way it depicts the teenagers' friendships against the background of an evolving society - Taiwan in the 1990s. The film is all about how the young build their self-esteem and lose their innocence.

When did you realise you wanted to be a filmmaker?

Edward Yang's A Brighter Summer Day was so influential on me, it was the reason I first got interested in making films. After watching it, when I was about 14 years old, I wanted to make a film just like that. The film was three hours long, and, for the first time, I didn't want it to stop. I am the same age as Chang Chen who starred in the film, and that's maybe another reason why I felt so connected to the film. I couldn't stop thinking of the plot and the characters even days after I had watched it.


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