Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Chanel Money Squeezer



eRH....I've been craving for my one and first 2.55 for months...aCtually I've been craving for a Chanel purse for months regardless of the size or styles....yeah....that's quite a slave's statement. Untill, I saw this....their newly launched label Chanel Unlimited/ bags and accessories.

Here's how they describe The Bag:

"glossy grey canvas material embossed with the words "Paris", "31, rue Cambon" "Coco" and "Chanel", which come repeated like the ultimate fashion mantra on both the inside and outside of each piece."

I however especially prop Hayley Phelan's description on: LeSportsac with Chanel price tags. LOL.

But still, spread the words out, for good or for bag~

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